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Savannah & Garret’s Photo Shoot

We normally don’t post photo shoots, but when Desert Mountain Preserve reopened as La Princessa, we thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase the beauty of this special place. Enjoy!

Legacy Videography |
Savannah & Garret’s Wedding Day


Rembrandt Lighting for Photo or Video

Here is a basic video on how to light a model (bride or groom) in the style of Rembrandt, in particular how to achieve the signature triangle. With brides often filmed in high key, it would be nice to design a low key set and pull in the groom on an engagement shoot. Or heck, maybe the bride in a darker dress.

After the moody shoot in Cave Creek I’ve been thinking about introducing more drama into our Love Stories especially, but with the happy happy sunshine of AZ, It’s going to have to be faux. So Mr. Rembrandt, show us the way…