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Savannah & Garret’s Photo Shoot

We normally don’t post photo shoots, but when Desert Mountain Preserve reopened as La Princessa, we thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase the beauty of this special place. Enjoy!

Legacy Videography |
Savannah & Garret’s Wedding Day


Michael and Martha

Besides the beauty of the bride and groom, the beauty of the flowers and decorative design done by Teonna was indescribable. Since Michael and Martha didn’t ask for a music video, we put together this video mostly for Teonna (Teonna’s Floral Design) to highlight some of her work. You can see how gifted she is at creating the perfect wedding!

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Photography – To Have and To Hold (Harold Tseu)
Entertainment – SKM (Justin)
Venue – Wrigley Mansion

Chad and Paige

One of many matches made by eHarmony. We laughed all day and night with these two and their families and friends. They even put together a knock off of an eHarmony commercial on themselves that had all of us rolling. Even under the gorgeous brick gazebo of Stonebridge Manor and with a touching ceremony performed by the bride’s grandfather, there was still so much humor and light-heartedness. They truly managed to match their day to their personalities. Flint (Fotos by Flint) and Nick of NDK Professional DJ Service really knew how to capture Chad and Paige’s style as well. Such a fun day.

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Shane and Sandra

Happy One Year Shane and Sandra. We hope it’s been an amazing year! Here’s your music video to relive that special day.

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Brides For Brides Photography
Birkett Entertainment
Sun City Country Club

Successful Wedding Tips (1) – Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a valuable tool whenever a loved one physically cannot be at your wedding and cannot wait to see the footage. At this wedding the mother of the groom watched her son’s wedding ceremony from a hospital room. Even though the ceremony site was in a remote location (i.e. no internet) we were able to stream the video footage live — not only to her hospital room, but to friends and relatives around the country.

Due to the amount of people watching the live remote, I posted the ceremony on my web site:

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Sickness is not the only reason to have your event streamed. It can be a budget-saver. The #1 way to reduce your wedding budget is to limit the number of attendees. With live video (or video in general) you can offer those of whom you cannot afford to invite with a meaningful way to “be there”.

Rembrandt Lighting for Photo or Video

Here is a basic video on how to light a model (bride or groom) in the style of Rembrandt, in particular how to achieve the signature triangle. With brides often filmed in high key, it would be nice to design a low key set and pull in the groom on an engagement shoot. Or heck, maybe the bride in a darker dress.

After the moody shoot in Cave Creek I’ve been thinking about introducing more drama into our Love Stories especially, but with the happy happy sunshine of AZ, It’s going to have to be faux. So Mr. Rembrandt, show us the way…

More raves

We are so thankful to hear from our clients that they have been blessed by our work:

“Just watched the video last night and we were thrilled with it!!! You did a GREAT job! We LOVED the music video – thank you soooooo much for the extra effort, we both really appreciate it very much. It was a pleasure to watch and relive that moment in time and I think we both fell in love all over again watching it – it was so cool. Thanks a million times.”

-Joe and Lisa Martin

“I just want to thank you for the wedding video. It was just beautiful. We had heard horror stories about videographers, but you did a great job and were very professional. It was beautiful.”

-Lori Raska

Thank you Joe, Lisa and Lori for your kinds words.

How Videographers Help Photographers

Every now and then we work with a new photographer and discern that they are not excited about having a videographer filming with them. It isn’t long into the shoot that they grow to appreciate us. That’s our goal, and we’ve been effectively achieving it for many years. In fact, our #1 source of new clients is, get this, photographers. Here’s why:

1. Logistics. The bride is over here. The groom is over there. No, actually he’s in the bar. No, he *was* in the bar but now he’s back in the lobby.

Because Melana and I split up during the prep, we keep close tabs on schedules and whereabouts. We keep the photographers in the loop. We also help track down family members during the photoshoot, meeting needs as they arise. Often in the Reception, the DJ will tell us something that he hasn’t told the photographers. We’ve made many an ally by informing the photographers of changes in the schedule, etc.

2. We stay behind the photographers at all times, and at the same time keep wandering people *out* of the shot. We understand how vital the photographer’s job is to “get the shot”. We actually enjoy being the flies on the wall getting the candids and personality between the shots to really capture how their day progressed and how all the events truly transpired.

3. We ALWAYS wear black to disappear from wide angle shots, and we shoot the Ceremony from static locations, giving ample room for photographers to move around. Even our tripods are black. If we have to use lights, we use our dimmer to only project enough light to get the shot (which if we have to use them, it’s because it’s a dark environment and the photographers appreciate us lighting things up for their shots as well).

4. By lighting the dance floor at a fixed position, the photographer’s cameras have enough light to focus quickly and correctly. We coordinate with the photographers so that we have diffused light on both sides of the couple so that the photographer can have a fully lit shot.

5. At dinner we are often able to get seats at a table for all of us and keep tabs on events.

Before working with us, one photographer sent us a letter of warning us of what not to do. He had worked with bad videographers and wanted to fire a warning shot, so to speak. After working with us he now refers us, and has given us several weddings. He knows that if the couple hires us, they *won’t* hire a bad videographer. That just makes sense to us!

The way we see it is that we were all hired to do a job for our clients, and the best way for all of us to deliver our promises is to work together for a common goal.

Manuel and Isabel

Starting with the end of the night, which Isabel called Crazy Hour, you can get a sense of the whole day! We had a blast with Manuel and Isabel. You can even see in their music video how much humor they had in them. Isabel’s family carried their Venezuelan culture throughout the day but especially when it came to partying all night long. Manuel (Manny), although he appeared quite serious, had another side as well. They were just so happy…throughout their whole beings…to be married to each other. And they couldn’t have been happier having so many friends and family with them this night. Some of our favorite moments were filming Isabel’s gorgeous cathedral veil flowing down the aisle, watching Manny and his twin brother giving praise to ASU although being U of A graduates, seeing the love Isabel’s brother had for her during his toast, and seeing nearly every guest get out on the dance floor the entire night! Enjoy the party!

Photography — Colling Photography
Venue — Lakeview Inn at Camelback Golf Club
Church — Newman Center

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Jon and Joan

There were countless moments of Jon and Joan’s wedding day that will forever stand out in our memories. What we believe to be the most remarkable would be the purest love we’ve ever seen: their love for God and their love for each other. You could not help but be effected by how much their family and friends meant to their lives. All 600 of their family and friends! Jon is a worship leader at his church and knew how to how to have fun and involve everyone. They even sought out Arizona Biltmore because there was enough room for 600 people to dance!

We thoroughly enjoyed each moment of the day, from the preparation where Joan was listening to an iPod from Jon full of their favorite songs, to the ceremony where we were in tears of joy and laughter along with their guests, to the special ceremony held for their immediate family and bridal party and another one called a tea ceremony held for grandmothers and parents, and then to the incredible reception made special by several heartfelt toasts and accented with everything pink (including flip flops and a candy buffet). We could not have felt more honored being part of such a celebration! Blessings to you Jon and Joan!

Photography — Melissa Jill Photography (Thank you for the still for the music video. Incredible!)
Venue — Arizona Biltmore
Church — Valley View Bible Church
Florist — Greenleaf Wholesale
Cake — Classic Cakes and Confections
Linens — Fabulous Linens

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